3 Awesome Benefits of Invisalign®

If you have unsightly crooked teeth and you’ve always wanted a different smile, your dental providers at Gateway Smiles & Implant Center can facilitate the transformation.

You could be a perfect candidate for the Invisalign® teeth straightening system, which uses clear plastic aligners to gently move your teeth into their proper position over a number of months.

Following are three huge benefits of the Invisalign system over traditional metal braces.


Whether it’s fair or not, in today’s society, you’re usually judged by how you look. No wonder so many people get cosmetic procedures.

A huge benefit of Invisalign: it’s invisible. Modern dental technology has given you an option of straightening your teeth without the metal brackets and wires that go with traditional braces. Instead, Invisalign uses clear aligners made of a patented material that’s strong enough to move your teeth.

If you’re a teen, you want to fit in with the group, and having a nice smile is one of your assets. You don’t want to cover it up with heavy metal in your mouth for a couple of years that you’ll never get back.

And if you’re an adult, your smile is a huge part of making that important first impression. The clear aligners won’t mar your appearance, so you’ll retain 100% of your self-esteem as your teeth undergo the straightening process.

Less discomfort

Metal braces must be adjusted; metal wires attached to the brackets on your teeth may be tightened at each appointment. Your mouth is normally somewhat sore for a few days afterward until your teeth adjust.

Invisalign aligners also feel snug when you get a new set, but there are no sharp edges from wires or brackets that can cause discomfort. The aligners are custom-made to your teeth and you won’t feel the pain of hard metal rubbing against your mouth.

You may have seen movie scenes where teens with braces actually get the two sets of braces caught on each other. It’s funny in the movies, but in real life, not so much. Braces can be a hindrance to intimate moments.

Ease of cleaning and eating

These are perhaps the best benefits of all, especially for teens and adults who rebel against giving up their favorite foods.


Even though you’re supposed to wear your Invisalign aligners 22 hours a day, you can remove them. Using the Invisalign system, you can clean your teeth as normal.

Metal braces make that impossible. Food can get caught between the brackets and wires of metal braces, making cleaning your teeth difficult.

Flossing is extremely hard to do with braces, so you really can’t do a complete cleaning job. You’re more susceptible to cavities and gum disease as long as the braces are on.

In addition, you may end up with tooth discoloration from the hygiene issue. Metal braces trap food easily, and plaque builds up in the places you can’t really reach when you brush.

The plaque creates acid that wears away the enamel; this process can leave white spots on your teeth as well as cause decay.  


You don’t have to watch what you eat if you wear Invisalign aligners. You simply pop them out, put them in a carrying case, and eat the foods you love and normally eat.

You won’t be able to eat certain foods easily with metal braces. If you love corn on the cob, for example, it’ll be more difficult with braces because the kernels get stuck, which is not a pretty sight for your companions.

It’s best not to eat anything chewy like caramels or gum with metal braces; they can stick like glue.

Your Gateway Smiles & Implant Center dentists are trained and certified in implementing the Invisalign system. If you’re looking for a smile transformation, call the office or book an appointment online today. Find out if you’re a candidate for the Invisalign system and see what it can do for you.

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