Why Partial Dentures Could Be a Great Option for Missing Teeth

It has been said that dreaming about losing teeth is your subconscious mind’s way of expressing powerlessness or a loss of control. Actually losing teeth can feel the same way. Whether you are missing teeth from decay, an accident or an injury, replacing them with partial dentures may be a great way to regain confidence and control. Partial dentures created by the expert team at Gateway Smiles and Implant Center can also help you avoid these common problems associated with missing teeth.

Missing teeth can lead to jaw pain

According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, missing teeth alter the bite force on the remaining teeth, creating additional pressure every time you talk, bite or chew. This additional pressure can lead to pain in your jaws and remaining teeth as the teeth shift into the open space. Although an implant offers a permanent solution to a missing tooth, partial dentures can redistribute the force you exert on your teeth and prevent or even heal jaw pain.

Missing teeth can lead to decay and gum disease

Having a tooth pulled because it was too decayed to repair can actually lead to even more decay and gum disease if the tooth is not replaced. When teeth move, they tend to take the path of least resistance. Without replacing the space created by a missing tooth, the remaining teeth will shift. The lack of normal spacing caused by this movement often makes teeth and gums more difficult to clean. Fortunately, teeth will generally stay put as long as missing teeth are replaced by partial dentures that are worn correctly and consistently. Caring for your partial dentures along with the remaining teeth and gums by brushing and flossing twice a day can prevent any further disease or decay.

Missing teeth affect your smile

Most people notice that as soon as they begin losing their permanent teeth, they stop smiling. One study published by the Nigerian Journal of Clinical Medicine showed that of the patients who experienced tooth loss, only half were prepared for the emotional impact losing their teeth would have. Some 47 percent of patients evaluated only came to grips with losing their teeth after more than a year. Yet many people who experience tooth loss are either not candidates for implants right away, do not want implants, or cannot afford the procedures. Instead, many simply stop smiling, choosing to hide their missing teeth and deal with the dental side effects. Fortunately, the process of having partial dentures created and fitted offers those who are unable or unwilling to have dental implants an alternative. 

Whether you have experienced tooth loss or are facing it in your near future, partial dentures can offer you a chance at a healthy, happy smile for years to come. Call Gateway Smiles and Implant Center today or request an appointment online to get started on the road to a newer, healthier mouth.

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